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Really? “…A Yelp For Cannabis Clubs”???


having spotted this on techcrunch, i thought this was another of their lofty gags, but this site is alive and kicking as of post time. why?  it looks like at least one californian might become a weedmaps fan: democratic state assembly member tom ammiano.

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jeff can make it happen.

jeff taylor, eons, monster founder

i read a post on techcrunch today that made me laugh in reference to one of my internet heroes, jeff taylor. a few years ago i met jeff at a function celebrating technology in massachusetts. i was impressed by how approachable he was; and by his “look” which only a marketing guy can employ to top off self branding.

i can’t say that eons has impressed me. i am not even close to being in the site’s demographic, but if i were something would make me feel really… well… old. needless to say, i was concerned about jeff’s latest venture. still having faith in jeff means not counting out anything he puts his time, money and energy into no matter how much it makes me scratch my head. tc sums up pretty much what i would write if i were posting about eons’ strategic direction. as believes “prime time” deon sanders in eli manning, i believe in you, jeff. in the words of tim gunn, “make it work”!

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Chit Chat On Human-Powered Search Engines

i‘m still weighing my interests in the area, but i figured i would post since i read about another guy i used to work for and his latest venture. better yet, i’ll just link to the transcript and share my thoughts later.  the conference seems like something i should try next year.dld header image

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