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LinkedIn’s Not Going Social

eyres’ profile page on linked inlinkedin logo

kevin eyres, former alta vista big man (general manager) has joined business-related social networking site, linkedin as managing director of its european services. on going social, eyres remarked:

“People keep asking us if we’re going to ‘go social’ – and the answer is no. It’s about what adds long-term value. If we just wanted to make money we’d add photo sharing, but that’s not what we’re about. And it’s not even about driving page views. We want tools that will help make professionals more productive.”

elsewhere, guardian reports linkedin founder, reid hoffman suggested preference for going public rather than being acquired, a response most likely solicited due to rumors of linkedin’s potential for acquisition.


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Women Who Tech…

womenwhotech.jpgin addition to socon ’08, i am looking forward to checking out women who tech, a “tele-summit” for women in technology this spring. women who tech plans to bring women involved in technology, the nonprofit and political arenas together for virtual workshops, dialog and a good time.

the tracks are pretty wide and i am hoping they will include serious gaming and persuasive technology in there. i would also like to see something on public diplomacy, ephilanthropy/social venture capital and engineering and technology as social enterprise.

while scanning the resources page, i discovered an interesting site covering mobile technology for activists. in a previous post, i noted that i am not focused strictly on mobile phones as i see mobile technology and applications moving away from what we currently experience. i also mentioned rising interest in mobile application and network development overseas, pondering potential impact on america’s ability to be a leader in the area. i think the race for leadership from an industrial perspective is wide open.

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