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Obama-Edwards Ticket???

our next president and vp?

(this photo makes me feel as if i am looking at history in the making.)

while his endorsement isn’t surprising, how long it took is just a little bit to some folks. it seemed a lot of edwards supporters looked to obama as the next best alternative. does the endorsement carry the same weight it might have if it were given shortly after edwards bowed out or does timing even matter?

May 14.2008 at 5:07 pm 1 comment

And You Thought MySpace Was Strictly For The Kiddies

tom hanks gave his endorsement of obama via a myspace posting. talk about rock the vote:

“History with a capital `H’ is going to be made this November, no matter who the president-elect is. I want Barack Obama to be president of this country, a country that once said people with his skin color were only three-fifths of a human being.”

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