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We’re Due For Another White-washed Public Debate Over Net Neutrality

so, this is not news- that some large media companies want to offer tiered levels of access to the Internet based on varying bandwidth speeds and place limits on consumption.  tw/comcast is definitely opening the door to more net neutrality beef.

i advocate a free, affordable AND reliable net (not necessarily services offered by those on it), but i don’t know if that means it must be balanced by government intervention. there can be a place for it, but i am not sure where, if at all in this instance. tiered service has the power to widen the existing digital divide (and yes, it does exist in the u.s. and other so-called western nations). still, i wonder if the market has not already signaled its acceptance of tiered offerings in the space and if so, does it render the net neutrality debate moot?

i am sure google and friends are going to weigh in on the matter publicly- again. in case both sides seem to use language that makes it difficult for consumers to understand their distinctions, don’t fret. it seems intentional because i am not entirely certain either side would be complaining if they believed they would come out with a truly sustainable ompetitive advantage in the first place. remember how the u.s. took microsoft to court? remember who got the witch hunt started (and i am not necessarily a microsoft fan, being mostly an apple and open source consumer)? it is interesting how companies hate intervening government arms (or rather hands, according to economists) until others in the industry and/or market are not going along with their plans; in that case, government suddenly become the intervening hero. hmmm…. big wonder.

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jeff can make it happen.

jeff taylor, eons, monster founder

i read a post on techcrunch today that made me laugh in reference to one of my internet heroes, jeff taylor. a few years ago i met jeff at a function celebrating technology in massachusetts. i was impressed by how approachable he was; and by his “look” which only a marketing guy can employ to top off self branding.

i can’t say that eons has impressed me. i am not even close to being in the site’s demographic, but if i were something would make me feel really… well… old. needless to say, i was concerned about jeff’s latest venture. still having faith in jeff means not counting out anything he puts his time, money and energy into no matter how much it makes me scratch my head. tc sums up pretty much what i would write if i were posting about eons’ strategic direction. as believes “prime time” deon sanders in eli manning, i believe in you, jeff. in the words of tim gunn, “make it work”!

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Why Spoil It For One When You Can For Two?

AOL Logo

by now, you’ve read in every business and tech section of the net that yahoo! has said “Heck no!” to microsoft’s unsolicited acquisition bid. a posting in digital media wire stated yahoo! is now reconsidering merger talks with aol (it credits the report to the times of london. so, basically, microsoft got slapped for getting fresh with yahoo! and when you think about it, also got google in the process. after all, wasn’t google looking to counter the potential yahoo!- microsoft merger with a purchase of aol? i can’t keep up with the rumor mill these days. does it mean that indirectly, google is interested in acquiring yahoo!? and does aol really seem like a sensible acquisition target in 2008?

in other news, aol announced its open mobile platform should be available this summer. if google really were interested in acquiring aol, would announcing this initiative earlier have made any difference?

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