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It’s My Money and I Can Buy If I Want To (Or Not)

it seems telling that some of the richest people in the world give away millions, but not necessarily billions of their wealth… it’s almost like they are hoarding money for some inevitable doom… like an american recession that will prove worse than believed by many, if not most.

“This is not a field of specialty for me, but my general feeling is that the recession will be longer and deeper than most people think.”

that’s a quote from one of the most respected richie rich club members, warren buffett, in a reuters interview on his take on the american economic recession. a lot of folks with less financial resources than buffett have been wagging their fingers at the situation, but there’s something more potent when a man that has a net worth greater than the equivalent sum of giving every person on the planet $1 publicly expresses concern.

does anyone know if our current president reads reuters? perhaps he could get some tips on creating a real economic stimulus plan; one that does not encourage us to spend whatever cash we get from tax rebate checks (as if that will really help). or he could get some tips from buffett over a game of bridge. oh wait– he [president bush] did graduate from the same b-school as those enron dudes. maybe he’s using their accounting methodology. i’ll have to check my notes.

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jeff can make it happen.

jeff taylor, eons, monster founder

i read a post on techcrunch today that made me laugh in reference to one of my internet heroes, jeff taylor. a few years ago i met jeff at a function celebrating technology in massachusetts. i was impressed by how approachable he was; and by his “look” which only a marketing guy can employ to top off self branding.

i can’t say that eons has impressed me. i am not even close to being in the site’s demographic, but if i were something would make me feel really… well… old. needless to say, i was concerned about jeff’s latest venture. still having faith in jeff means not counting out anything he puts his time, money and energy into no matter how much it makes me scratch my head. tc sums up pretty much what i would write if i were posting about eons’ strategic direction. as believes “prime time” deon sanders in eli manning, i believe in you, jeff. in the words of tim gunn, “make it work”!

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