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Apple’s New Shuffle: I Am Not Biting


i enjoy¬†apple’s products, but the one product quirk that drives me craziest is the love-hate affair with their earbuds. they fall out after a while and tend to fray at the end connector to paired devices. i have two sets, each of which came with my ipods (i have a first-gen shuffle and a first-gen touch). so, as for the latest ipod shuffle with voiceover, until they make super-duper, invincible earbuds, i would not sink cash into something controlled solely by earbud remotes. i was also expecting the voiceover feature to work a bit differently, enabling a user to activate controls with his or her voice, giving something akin to a little shazam or midomi-like action. alas, it merely includes an automated voice (much like what you get standard on your computer) that tells which track or play list you are listening to. a bit of a let down. had they made a mini hand-held remote to accompany it or embedded ¬†two-way voice control features, apple might have been on to something.

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ChildCry Rings Wall Street’s Opening Bell

ChildCry Opens Wall Street

ChildCry Opens Wall Street

i was thrilled to see members of Times Square Church’s humanitarian mission, ChildCry, present Thursday morning to ring the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange. it represented a different perspective toward what we should be focusing our time, energy and money on: helping others. ChildCry feeds thousands of young people in countries around the world through proceeds from offerings by its performing and recording artists.

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The Hip Hop TakeOver on WBAI

a good friend of mine who posts on his blog and hosts Kick The Science on NYC station WBAI turned me on to this event in its second year. if you want to break away from the stereotypical bonds of mainstream media and music (especially hip hop), tune in to the live stream of the 15-hour event beginning today, August 30, 2008. check out WBAI’s live stream throughout the week, too.

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The Guitar Zeros Prefer Red And Yellow Over D Minor.

the guitar zeros

the guitar zeros have taken applications of the popular music game, guitar hero, to another level. members have configured the plastic guitar game controllers to create their own music through computer connections. they actually perform before live audiences. perhaps gibson will reconsider its patent infringement lawsuit against mtv and ea over guitar hero and make nice for the sake of novelty band visionaries worldwide.

wanna rock? check out the guide here.

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