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Anita Who? Happy Ada Lovelace Day!


as part of a 1900+ person pledge to blog about a woman in technology honoring ada lovelace day, i have to put out the name of one, anita brown. it was a toss up as we could only pledge to blog about one person or i would certainly have included red burns in the mix (red, if you are reading this:  i am very excited about working under your guidance at ITP. you’ll get my post next year!).

brown founded one of the earliest (if not first) online resources, the now defunct black geeks online, to address digital divide issues, particularly  for african americans. she was an avid advocate to close the digital divide in the u.s.- before it was popular and after the topic seemed to fall to the wayside in the u.s. i met ms. brown at columbia university several years ago. i was inspired by her knowledge and passion for the subject. i am still surprised  at how little i hear of her in conversations about early web pioneers who didn’t limit their aspirations to financial gain. i could hardly find news of her passing (she was 63) , save for an obituary in the washington post nearly three years ago.

like too many civic-minded entrepreneurs, brown seemed to run out of steam just as digital divide concerns were beginning to become of interest to the mainstream again. i am constantly reminded of lesser known talented people who could truly stand to benefit from the kind of support that will provide lasting energy to overcome fatigue. entrepreneurship can be a lonely experience. being focused on more than the bottom line can take a toll on more than the psyche. i often wonder what it might have been like if ms. brown were alive to experience the wave of socially-focused entrepreneurs and initiatives that support them including echoing green, ashoka and the school for social entrepreneurs

it’s easy to mistake her name for others: anita baker, anita bryant, anita hill (yes, i went there)-  but her legacy remains. there are those who know and value her work, endeavoring to carry the torch for digital literacy and information for all. i count myself as one. three cheers for passion, ideas and inspiring people.


learn more about the pledge here:


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Artists + Party + Student Debt= AfterSputnik: The Art Project


aftersputnik, an organization dedicated to extenuating u.s. student loans, is hosting a three-day event in nyc (queens) that showcases artists and their work reflecting how student debt has impacted them. art work will be for sale and a panel will award cash prizes to top selections. my money is on any piece on display incorporating top ramen noodles.

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The Real Reason For The Season

blair speaks out
while i stopped coloring, hiding and searching for easter eggs a long time ago, it’s easy to get lost in the commercial emphasis we place on holidays. this video reminded me of the real reason for the season.
download the lyrics here.

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The 30 Minute MBA

slide from carie davis talk at gt

well, not exactly. i came across a lecture by carie davis, global design manager at coca cola and georgia tech mid grad. she also chairs the atlanta idsa chapter and gave a pretty insightful talk at her alma mater on design leadership. i recommend checking it out whether you are an aspiring or current mba, recent graduate, engineering, designer or other professional.

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Stuff White People Like

stuffwhitepeoplelike banner logo


another entertaining post about the consumption of bottled water led a reader to post a comment linking to another blog. it’s okay, but the genius of the swpl blog is its initially unassuming humor. i did end up wondering about my own identity as a result of this post and oh- i learned what the word cuckoldry means. not my favorite word of the day. <- (

**original post**

so, my first read of the morning was something from a blog i stumbled across called stuff white people like. the blog post was called “being the only white person around” and i had to laugh as i read it. the author has a sense of humor, for sure. it’s an entertaining read but i think some of the other readers take the thing way too seriously. lighten up! it’s a blog! of course, everyone has their own opinion but the take on restaurants intrigued me. i am not white. i am not male. when i went abroad for the first time over seven years ago, i was hoping not to run into any americans, white, black or otherwise. i didn’t go out of my way to avoid them, but i wasn’t complaining that few besides myself were around. still.

i don’t know that i need a bunch of “ethnic” people to accompany me to a restaurant to feel the experience is authentic, though. besides, whites are considered ethnics, too, depending on where they are from. i might want someone familiar with the cuisine to help me select a dish that suits my vegetarian preferences. one of my closest friends who is chinese (american) introduced me to moroccan food and the experience was nothing short of authentic (unless we had indeed been in the country or at someone’s house). as for the african american or black restaurant comment, i think it’s more a matter of americans not really being into domestic food as trendy and the content of the food. neo-soul is a bit popular because it appeals to the current american preference for foods low in “killer” content. i don’t think it is necessarily racist or ignorant (not that the author was suggesting so). the blog is light-hearted and entertaining, although it probably won’t cure you if you suffer from white guilt.

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Women Who Tech…

womenwhotech.jpgin addition to socon ’08, i am looking forward to checking out women who tech, a “tele-summit” for women in technology this spring. women who tech plans to bring women involved in technology, the nonprofit and political arenas together for virtual workshops, dialog and a good time.

the tracks are pretty wide and i am hoping they will include serious gaming and persuasive technology in there. i would also like to see something on public diplomacy, ephilanthropy/social venture capital and engineering and technology as social enterprise.

while scanning the resources page, i discovered an interesting site covering mobile technology for activists. in a previous post, i noted that i am not focused strictly on mobile phones as i see mobile technology and applications moving away from what we currently experience. i also mentioned rising interest in mobile application and network development overseas, pondering potential impact on america’s ability to be a leader in the area. i think the race for leadership from an industrial perspective is wide open.

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