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The Real Reason For The Season

blair speaks out
while i stopped coloring, hiding and searching for easter eggs a long time ago, it’s easy to get lost in the commercial emphasis we place on holidays. this video reminded me of the real reason for the season.
download the lyrics here.


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Just Wondering What An Itemized Receipt Would Look Like…

best buy logo

i like best buy. it’s a fun place to get a quick gadget fix (besides sharper image). but i could not justify buying a computer from a store other than a direct manufacturer like the apple store or some online presence. heck, i’ll buy a bare bones kit from tiger direct before i even think about picking up the latest and greatest from best buy or any other electronics shop. after reading about best buy’s apparent lack of regard for its own consumers’ personal property, they can be sure many others will share my view. maybe a lost laptop is not worth $54 million, but peace of mind, a secure identity and an actual warranty that works is certainly worth more than four grand. for all of you friday fans, it’s the principle smokey.

February 18.2008 at 5:49 pm 3 comments

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