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Nutraloaf Clean Up On Aisle Nine!

the ingredients of nutraloaf sound harmless enough but it’s apparently quite the opposite, according to vermont inmates. nutraloaf, which contains cubed whole-wheat bread, non-dairy cheese, raw carrots, spinach, seedless raisins, beans, vegetable oil, tomato paste, powdered milk and dehydrated potato flakes, seems to serve as a deterrent toward poor inmate behavior. it might work too well. a class action suit is being brought to the vermont supreme court in protest that it’s punishment rather than food. to think that inmates might actually be getting punished in prison and with something that could have been sold out of whole foods, no doubt, is remarkable.

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Another Reason to Refuse Mom When She Commands You to “Eat Your Vegetables”


as an american vegetarian (just another “sexy”group to belong to born of the cool things to be in urbana), i don’t know if i needed a scientific study to convince me that food, particularly vegetables, seems to be losing its potency over time. still, if you need convincing, talk to max taub of southwestern university in texas. i do wonder what the larger implications for countries with lesser resources to feed their populations will face in upcoming years. between biocrops being deployed toward biofuels for industrialized nations as part of our efforts to be less “foreign-oil dependent”, controversies involving genetically modified crops and high prices associated with organic foods, it’s concerning to say the least.

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