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This Summer’s Blockbuster Movie Theme: It’s Finally Here!

i enjoy films, but i rarely risk my sanity to see popular commercial movies on opening weekend (or opening month, for that matter). this summer, at least four movies will cause me to book tickets well in advance along with other cult-series followers and heath ledger fans. in no particular order, they are:

Film: The Dark Knight

Last seen: Batman Begins 2005

trailers hint at a break-out performance by the late heath ledger along side christian bale. i am really happy to see aaron eckhart in the film as well. he’s an under-rated actor. i would love to see him in more leading roles.

Film: The X-Files: I Want to Believe

Last seen: The X-Files: Fight The Future 1998

i have waited ten years to see the follow up to the first mulder-scully adventure on film. i am curious as to how it will address the way the t.v. show ended. x-file fans should turn out in good numbers.

Film: Sex And The City

Last seen: Final T.V. episode 2004

SATC fans are going to jam up the lines to see this one on opening day. i hope upper west side theaters are prepared!

Film: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Last seen: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 1989

it’s about time we finally got to see indy crack the whip again. it’s been nearly 20 years! this may be my favorite hero/action movie series of all time. i am sure star wars fans may want to object… notice the operative phrase is “my favorite”, though.


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Perhaps Media and Politics are More Connected Than We Thought

heath ledger

fred thompson

as lawyer, law and order/die hard actor and former presidential candidate hopeful, fred thompson (r-sen-tennessee) bowed out of the race following a disappointing third place finish in the south carolina primary, my attention was turned to curious news. the white house postponed president bush’s press announcement regarding television advertising to prevent prescription drug abuse following yesterday’s news of actor heath ledger’s death in nyc.

apparently, ledger, who had an arguably break-out role in brokeback mountain (absolutely no pun intended whatsoever) was found dead near a bottle of pills. while his death remains under investigation, the white house press secretary cited concerns that some might view the timing for the announcement as opportunistic… only in america during an election year. ledger will truly be missed.

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