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The 30 Minute MBA

slide from carie davis talk at gt

well, not exactly. i came across a lecture by carie davis, global design manager at coca cola and georgia tech mid grad. she also chairs the atlanta idsa chapter and gave a pretty insightful talk at her alma mater on design leadership. i recommend checking it out whether you are an aspiring or current mba, recent graduate, engineering, designer or other professional.

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LinkedIn’s Not Going Social

eyres’ profile page on linked inlinkedin logo

kevin eyres, former alta vista big man (general manager) has joined business-related social networking site, linkedin as managing director of its european services. on going social, eyres remarked:

“People keep asking us if we’re going to ‘go social’ – and the answer is no. It’s about what adds long-term value. If we just wanted to make money we’d add photo sharing, but that’s not what we’re about. And it’s not even about driving page views. We want tools that will help make professionals more productive.”

elsewhere, guardian reports linkedin founder, reid hoffman suggested preference for going public rather than being acquired, a response most likely solicited due to rumors of linkedin’s potential for acquisition.

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In The Spirit of The Times

pftp bannerit’s easy to get caught up in the day to day affairs of material life; especially now. should i buy blu-ray or dvd? iphone or crackberry– er- blackberry? 42 inch or 52 inch? my place or yours? you get the point. as we think about the positive legacies bequeathed by martin luther king, jr. and many that paved the way before us, i think about leadership and so do others. check out this interesting post on mlk as leader:

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What Will The Next eBiz Leaders Look Like?

image from dld conference main page slide showmeg whitman

i was reading about meg whitman’s impending retirement as ebay ceo. besides marveling at the fact that some folks can still actually think about retiring (i am in my early 30’s and have never really thought about it as an option) i wondered what the future faces of web business will look like. the dld conference main page shows a slide of pics with all sorts of industry leaders i recognize- some i have actually worked with- and they all look… young. i mean so in a geek-chic sort of way. so i do wonder quite literally what the next faces of corporate leadership will look like. let’s hope it’s a diverse picture and with a few wrinkles as they age (please let the botox revolution go down in fiery flames!).

jason calacanis at dld

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