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ChildCry Rings Wall Street’s Opening Bell

ChildCry Opens Wall Street

ChildCry Opens Wall Street

i was thrilled to see members of Times Square Church’s humanitarian mission, ChildCry, present Thursday morning to ring the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange. it represented a different perspective toward what we should be focusing our time, energy and money on: helping others. ChildCry feeds thousands of young people in countries around the world through proceeds from offerings by its performing and recording artists.

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About That Proposed Bail Out…

i just have one question, really: why the relative radio silence by moveon, color of change and the like on the lack of public hearings over the wall street bail out bill? it’s not as if there isn’t grumbling all across america about it. maybe i missed the emails that usually bombard my inbox.

did i say one question? i meant two- eh, three if you are detail oriented. since when did congress become more qualified to deal with a mess that wall street couldn’t keep out of? lawyers as investment bankers. maybe it is not such a stretch after all…

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