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Artists + Party + Student Debt= AfterSputnik: The Art Project


aftersputnik, an organization dedicated to extenuating u.s. student loans, is hosting a three-day event in nyc (queens) that showcases artists and their work reflecting how student debt has impacted them. art work will be for sale and a panel will award cash prizes to top selections. my money is on any piece on display incorporating top ramen noodles.

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ChildCry Rings Wall Street’s Opening Bell

ChildCry Opens Wall Street

ChildCry Opens Wall Street

i was thrilled to see members of Times Square Church’s humanitarian mission, ChildCry, present Thursday morning to ring the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange. it represented a different perspective toward what we should be focusing our time, energy and money on: helping others. ChildCry feeds thousands of young people in countries around the world through proceeds from offerings by its performing and recording artists.

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Prayer in the Square 2008 at Times Square in NYC

Prayer in the Square 2008

Prayer in the Square 2008

**update September 7, 2008** Prayer in the Square was awesome… literally. thousands came together at times square (approximately 20,000 people) and at city hall (around 30,000 people), in addition to those that tuned in by radio and live web stream around the world. you can view the 2008 gathering here.** next year’s gathering is scheduled for September 13, 2009.

Prayer in the Square 2008 is taking place in the infamous bright lights, big city zone (aka, “the block that disney bought”) on Sunday, September 7  from 3 pm to 4 pm. over 200 churches and thousands of individuals are expected to gather in the square to pray for the city and nation. it will be an encouraging and uplifting experience. come on down at 3 pm or head over to the Times Square Church at 1 pm for an early service and walk down with everyone. it should be a sight to behold. check out the proclamation here.

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Spend, Spend Spend! On What?

nyc subway ad by drazz

on my way to the apple store, i passed a big screen lcd attached to one of the subway entrances nearby. with times square not so far away i wondered what big companies would spend their money on if we didn’t have such a love affair with consumption of myriad products. perhaps persuasive tech and public diplomacy would make up a larger piece of the advertising pie. speaking of persuasive tech, bj fogg of stanford’s persuasive tech lab is discussing facebook applications, mass persuasion and world peace today.

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Perhaps Media and Politics are More Connected Than We Thought

heath ledger

fred thompson

as lawyer, law and order/die hard actor and former presidential candidate hopeful, fred thompson (r-sen-tennessee) bowed out of the race following a disappointing third place finish in the south carolina primary, my attention was turned to curious news. the white house postponed president bush’s press announcement regarding television advertising to prevent prescription drug abuse following yesterday’s news of actor heath ledger’s death in nyc.

apparently, ledger, who had an arguably break-out role in brokeback mountain (absolutely no pun intended whatsoever) was found dead near a bottle of pills. while his death remains under investigation, the white house press secretary cited concerns that some might view the timing for the announcement as opportunistic… only in america during an election year. ledger will truly be missed.

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I Take That Train…

nyc subway mix

everyone knows nyc oozes diversity, but there’s little that drives the point home better than the subway. in fact, i think that’s my train whirling past. i stumbled across this very telling pic by activefree as i was scanning an article on idealist re: diverse ethnic voice in media.

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