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Perhaps Media and Politics are More Connected Than We Thought

heath ledger

fred thompson

as lawyer, law and order/die hard actor and former presidential candidate hopeful, fred thompson (r-sen-tennessee) bowed out of the race following a disappointing third place finish in the south carolina primary, my attention was turned to curious news. the white house postponed president bush’s press announcement regarding television advertising to prevent prescription drug abuse following yesterday’s news of actor heath ledger’s death in nyc.

apparently, ledger, who had an arguably break-out role in brokeback mountain (absolutely no pun intended whatsoever) was found dead near a bottle of pills. while his death remains under investigation, the white house press secretary cited concerns that some might view the timing for the announcement as opportunistic… only in america during an election year. ledger will truly be missed.


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Mike Gets Down and Dirty

mike rowe in fast company

who doesn’t love mike rowe and his dirty jobs? he’s cute. he’s witty. he’s single, but taken (don’t look at me, i didn’t do it). fast company’s got him on their cover and he even put in his own two cents on job satisfaction. check him out:

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