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Stuff White People Like

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another entertaining post about the consumption of bottled water led a reader to post a comment linking to another blog. it’s okay, but the genius of the swpl blog is its initially unassuming humor. i did end up wondering about my own identity as a result of this post and oh- i learned what the word cuckoldry means. not my favorite word of the day. <- (

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so, my first read of the morning was something from a blog i stumbled across called stuff white people like. the blog post was called “being the only white person around” and i had to laugh as i read it. the author has a sense of humor, for sure. it’s an entertaining read but i think some of the other readers take the thing way too seriously. lighten up! it’s a blog! of course, everyone has their own opinion but the take on restaurants intrigued me. i am not white. i am not male. when i went abroad for the first time over seven years ago, i was hoping not to run into any americans, white, black or otherwise. i didn’t go out of my way to avoid them, but i wasn’t complaining that few besides myself were around. still.

i don’t know that i need a bunch of “ethnic” people to accompany me to a restaurant to feel the experience is authentic, though. besides, whites are considered ethnics, too, depending on where they are from. i might want someone familiar with the cuisine to help me select a dish that suits my vegetarian preferences. one of my closest friends who is chinese (american) introduced me to moroccan food and the experience was nothing short of authentic (unless we had indeed been in the country or at someone’s house). as for the african american or black restaurant comment, i think it’s more a matter of americans not really being into domestic food as trendy and the content of the food. neo-soul is a bit popular because it appeals to the current american preference for foods low in “killer” content. i don’t think it is necessarily racist or ignorant (not that the author was suggesting so). the blog is light-hearted and entertaining, although it probably won’t cure you if you suffer from white guilt.

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But If You Pine For Public Humiliation and Your Own Angst

get mortified on stage

get mortified enables people to come on stage and read diary entries from their teen years. it is about humor but i am not laughing. my teen years can stay in the past- where they belong. kudos to those of you who can reach back and laugh. just remember to blot out any honorable mentions of those who shared experiences with you but don’t want the details of their role exposed. see the previous post if you need a lecture.

get mortified has a site, but i am not sure they have paid their bill (like i can talk).

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