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Dear Executives Feigning Employee Welfare Concerns: Take a Hike

an associated press article posted on yahoo! covering responses to a recent tobacco tax increase quotes jeff borysiewicz, vice president of cigar rights of america and president of corona cigar as saying:

“Kids aren’t addicted to handmade cigars… We’re an affordable hobby. We’re not part of the problem with children.”

certainly, that is an interesting statement for someone who claims to be concerned for the welfare of employees (i wonder if his employed parents would agree with him?). it shows some audacity when companies imply they are not part of a problem or imply they may be “forced” to relocate operations outside of the u.s. to deflect increasing costs (see reference to  Enrique “Kiki” Berger in the same article).  i hardly believe  they need convincing to do so. keeping costs down, while maximizing profits is exactly why they are in business. tax increase or no, if the bottom line will be improved by moving outside of u.s. borders, few will pass up exploring the opportunity.

employee welfare always seems to miraculously surface when a company faces profit reduction concerns. executives that use it as an excuse when it seems to suit them should drop the social concern facade and be frank about their positions. perhaps borysiewicz should make it plain and ask for a bailout… or ask his industry colleagues to subsidize cost increases with their bonuses.


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I Just Wanna Know How Much It’s Gonna Cost Me

US Military Top Dogs Discuss Rogue Spy Satellite Issue

i can hear it now: “will you be paying for that with visa, amex, discovery, mastercard, debit or body parts, mr. president?”. as we prepare for looming storms of the nation- natural disasters, economic downturns and roger clemens’ testimony that he has not used steroids, one would think arlen specter, the notorious us republican senator from pennsylvania would be more concerned about our nation’s latest security drama akin to “story of stuff” controversy than why nfl commissioner roger goodell destroyed new england patriots’ spygate tapes. senator specter, how do inappropriate actions in the nfl influence national policy? i bet i just gave steven b. levitt and stephen j. dubner a new chapter idea to follow up their book, freakonomics. here’s an idea: tell me exactly how much it’s going to cost my fellow americans and i to shoot down the lurking “toxic” satellite and exactly how much more it will cost to foot the bill when we have to deal with worldwide public health law suits.

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Chewing the Fat

inside the body

a study produced by australian researchers was released indicating obesity surgery’s potential to reverse diabetes in certain patients. the sample size was small at just 55 patients and more research is expected to follow, but medical experts seem optimistic. hopefully this will be seen as an option in conjunction with advocacy for preventative care in nutrition and physical exercise by the public as opposed to a quick cure all. more can be found at the jama site.

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Another Reason to Refuse Mom When She Commands You to “Eat Your Vegetables”


as an american vegetarian (just another “sexy”group to belong to born of the cool things to be in urbana), i don’t know if i needed a scientific study to convince me that food, particularly vegetables, seems to be losing its potency over time. still, if you need convincing, talk to max taub of southwestern university in texas. i do wonder what the larger implications for countries with lesser resources to feed their populations will face in upcoming years. between biocrops being deployed toward biofuels for industrialized nations as part of our efforts to be less “foreign-oil dependent”, controversies involving genetically modified crops and high prices associated with organic foods, it’s concerning to say the least.

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