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A Professor’s Lecture That Actually Rocks…

randy’s inspiring lecture on oprah


randy pausch died today of a form of pancreatic cancer. he was 47. if anything reflected his inspiration to me and perhaps all those that listened to his lecture or read his book, it must be his following quote:

We don’t beat the reaper by living longer, we beat the reaper by living well and living fully

a friend shared a very inspiring video of a lecture given by randy pausch. pausch, who is diagnosed with cancer and was told by doctors that he had little time left to live, is a professor at carnegie mellon university. he gave a final lecture that was so inspiring, he was asked to present it on oprah.

what is inspiring to me is that he says much of what we all probably know, but actually applies it in his own life. i believe attitude and faith have a lot to do with one’s well being and i would be willing to wager that his story might end with a miracle. we should always thank God for the things we have that truly matter in life AND for being able to recognize it…


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Chewing the Fat

inside the body

a study produced by australian researchers was released indicating obesity surgery’s potential to reverse diabetes in certain patients. the sample size was small at just 55 patients and more research is expected to follow, but medical experts seem optimistic. hopefully this will be seen as an option in conjunction with advocacy for preventative care in nutrition and physical exercise by the public as opposed to a quick cure all. more can be found at the jama site.

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