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About That Proposed Bail Out…

i just have one question, really: why the relative radio silence by moveon, color of change and the like on the lack of public hearings over the wall street bail out bill? it’s not as if there isn’t grumbling all across america about it. maybe i missed the emails that usually bombard my inbox.

did i say one question? i meant two- eh, three if you are detail oriented. since when did congress become more qualified to deal with a mess that wall street couldn’t keep out of? lawyers as investment bankers. maybe it is not such a stretch after all…


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I Just Wanna Know How Much It’s Gonna Cost Me

US Military Top Dogs Discuss Rogue Spy Satellite Issue

i can hear it now: “will you be paying for that with visa, amex, discovery, mastercard, debit or body parts, mr. president?”. as we prepare for looming storms of the nation- natural disasters, economic downturns and roger clemens’ testimony that he has not used steroids, one would think arlen specter, the notorious us republican senator from pennsylvania would be more concerned about our nation’s latest security drama akin to “story of stuff” controversy than why nfl commissioner roger goodell destroyed new england patriots’ spygate tapes. senator specter, how do inappropriate actions in the nfl influence national policy? i bet i just gave steven b. levitt and stephen j. dubner a new chapter idea to follow up their book, freakonomics. here’s an idea: tell me exactly how much it’s going to cost my fellow americans and i to shoot down the lurking “toxic” satellite and exactly how much more it will cost to foot the bill when we have to deal with worldwide public health law suits.

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i luv u 2

detroit mayor kwame kilpatrick

given that i posted about former president clinton (bill, not hil, who would technically be re-elected if she wins and you believe she really wore the pants during her hubby’s tenure) falling asleep during an mlk ceremony, i suppose i should post about something more substantial in politics. detroit mayor kwame kilpatrick was apparently busted by his own text message transcripts in an apparent attempt to discredit him for denying he had an affair. if you need the legalese, the alleged beef is that he used public employees to keep things on the hush. frankly, if former nyc mayor giuliani can cheat on his wife and go through a somewhat public divorce and our former president can be given a pass for his miscues before and while in office, this doesn’t fan my skirt (though i do think people need to reconsider what marriage and marriage vows are supposed to mean and do away with the care-free approach). however, this business with distributing private messages under the guise of proving someone lied is about all i can stand. yes, politicians are public figures. as city councilwoman sheila cockrel put it, politicians “…operate in a fishbowl”. still, there is little to no excuse for airing private communications between parties that intended their interactions to be such. i don’t mean someone posting to a public blog or putting naughty self-portraits on their myspace page. i am talking about one-to-one interactions or those with specific intentions toward specific persons in a party of people. if the detroit mayor did act pimpalicious and his chief of staff did her thing as hoochie-mama of the city, shame on them. really. but it’s between them and their relations. if we don’t respect the line involving private interactions even when it comes to public figures (including tony romo and jessica simpson), then when do we? we’re up in arms about big brother watching and listening to us without our knowledge or consent. if we want such to be respected, it has to be extended to all parties, public figures or not. otherwise, don’t get annoyed when your credit ratings start popping up next to your social network profile for the whole web universe to see after google and yahoo! skim them from your emails.

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