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Times Spoof Makes Light of a Serious Game


following the Yes Men NY Times spoof, i consider various dialogs I engage in about the efficacy of serious games, i have one example to point to that they are indeed serious business- america’s army. the popular online game designed as a recruitment tool for the US army offers myriad lessons on how serious games can be designed to be interesting, persuasive and even educational. now… to make a compelling game that emphasizes diplomatic measures remains to be seen… or perhaps felt. applications of physical computing might be the missing ingredient.


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All I Can Say Is: “WOW!”

WOW Characters

i hope my cousin reads this (not that he is married but i know i can pretty much count on him to be conducting a raid sunday evenings on WOW). a friend and i were just talking about media influence and responsibility when i came across this story about a six-year young marriage ending because the hubby was addicted to WOW (it’s not porn). i am not going to blame the WOW guys for breaking up a marriage, but one has to wonder how the pie of responsibility and influence should be sliced. while this isn’t quite “dungeons and dragons made me do it” stuff, it would be foolish not to think that the dark side of human computer interactions probably plays a much bigger role in social strains than anyone would care to admit. i read a few posts concerning suicide on 43 things, a site that lets user blog and share a list of things they want to accomplish. i even saw a q&a on yahoo! answers where someone inquired about the best way to commit suicide– and people actually responded. something is wrong, and i am sure many others share my sentiment, but at what point does it become an official public concern? when mercury turns up in our fish and ground water, we call for corporate social responsibility. should our concerns be reserved for manufacturers of tangible goods or all products? perhaps for the realm of video games, this will shed a little more light on the positive potential (and necessity) for serious games vs. games developed solely for entertainment; at least until someone runs over their lunch break to play peacemaker.

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