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Times Spoof Makes Light of a Serious Game


following the Yes Men NY Times spoof, i consider various dialogs I engage in about the efficacy of serious games, i have one example to point to that they are indeed serious business- america’s army. the popular online game designed as a recruitment tool for the US army offers myriad lessons on how serious games can be designed to be interesting, persuasive and even educational. now… to make a compelling game that emphasizes diplomatic measures remains to be seen… or perhaps felt. applications of physical computing might be the missing ingredient.

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The 30 Minute MBA

slide from carie davis talk at gt

well, not exactly. i came across a lecture by carie davis, global design manager at coca cola and georgia tech mid grad. she also chairs the atlanta idsa chapter and gave a pretty insightful talk at her alma mater on design leadership. i recommend checking it out whether you are an aspiring or current mba, recent graduate, engineering, designer or other professional.

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