q: what’s trackdot about?

a: trackdot follows things i come across of interest on the web and from time to time, off line.

q: why?

a: i thought it might be fun to post publicly since i spend a great deal of time on the web anyway. i was inspired by the quips of friends and colleagues who tease me about my apparent geek iq. i don’t know about my geek iq, but i am naturally curious and the web is a great thing for curious types.

q: sometimes the stuff you post is old… like REALLY old… what’s up with that?

a: it depends on what i was looking for. sometimes i come across things based on a research target or just for fun and the timing of the content is not necessarily relevant.

q: i really like this site. can i contribute?

a: i might be open to it. at the moment, trackdot is more about me thinking aloud and in digital.

q: i have some feedback. where can i send it?

a: if you just want to comment, you can do so where i open up posts to such. please, no need for inappropriate remarks or spam. if you want to chat, try me at meebo for td-related chats (id: trackdotblog). you can also send email to trackdotblog [at] yahoo [dot com].

q: can i advertise on this site?

a: at some point, perhaps. for the moment, trackdot is ad-free but that may change.

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