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Why Spoil It For One When You Can For Two?

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by now, you’ve read in every business and tech section of the net that yahoo! has said “Heck no!” to microsoft’s unsolicited acquisition bid. a posting in digital media wire stated yahoo! is now reconsidering merger talks with aol (it credits the report to the times of london. so, basically, microsoft got slapped for getting fresh with yahoo! and when you think about it, also got google in the process. after all, wasn’t google looking to counter the potential yahoo!- microsoft merger with a purchase of aol? i can’t keep up with the rumor mill these days. does it mean that indirectly, google is interested in acquiring yahoo!? and does aol really seem like a sensible acquisition target in 2008?

in other news, aol announced its open mobile platform should be available this summer. if google really were interested in acquiring aol, would announcing this initiative earlier have made any difference?


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Chit Chat On Human-Powered Search Engines

i‘m still weighing my interests in the area, but i figured i would post since i read about another guy i used to work for and his latest venture. better yet, i’ll just link to the transcript and share my thoughts later.  the conference seems like something i should try next year.dld header image

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