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“…know that your people will judge you on what you can build, not what you destroy.”


in case you missed it, here is the full text of president obama’s inauguration speech (text courtesy of yahoo!; photo courtesy of karen 2020 via flickr and creative commons).

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Spelling and Civics Don’t Seem To Suit Our Officials


u.s. officials scored a pathetic 44% average on a civics exam created by the intercollegiate studies institute. citizens were not much better, scoring an average of 49%, according to isi major report findings. i was feeling bad about my score (81.82%) as i missed five questions due to careless reading. not that i am saying i am perfect. i legitimately answered one question incorrectly.  ; – D

the more telling tale is in the topic breakdown by score. let’s hope the incoming leaders selected by president-elect obama weren’t included in the lot.

try your hand at the quiz here.

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