Nevermind Tacky, Give Me The Cash

March 3.2008 at 9:39 pm 1 comment

sharper image banner

i remember when the notion of giving a card along with cash as a gift was considered tacky, but honestly, i would prefer cash than a gift card. apparently, the sharper image agrees as they refuse to honor gift cards while facing bankruptcy. i don’t know who gets the worst end of the deal- the recipient of the gift card or the purchaser. i suppose it would feel a lot less like a rip off if one had bought, say, a bond or some obvious form of debt but in this case, it wouldn’t be surprising if the majority of consumers were clueless that they were actually creditors to sharper image and other gift-card furnishers. on the bright side, maybe there is the chance of recovering a massage chair if they actually do bite it and end up liquidating the corner office. that wouldn’t be such a bad swap for a gift card and it could always be worse; think of all those poor folks that received si stock instead…

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  • 1. preseptember  |  March 3.2008 at 11:09 pm

    Think of the poor folks on eBay who don’t know Sharper Image is filing bankruptcy and who are buying the gift cards at a supposed discount.


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