We Have Contact. I Think.

February 21.2008 at 12:49 am Leave a comment

a sm-3 missile

i was ready to call it a night when i read that the toxic doomsday spy satellite has been struck by a us navy missile. not that i am trying to make it a day of paranoia, but between government shutdowns of websites and missile- targeted satellites, a real odd feeling is in the air. it’s as if i am waiting for the other shoe to drop (or satellite or whatever). perhaps it is the relative ease with which any country can just shoot something down (ok, the us government, although it is certainly not the only country to do what it desired on the subject of missiles). granted, the us government launched the thing and it is its responsibility to take care of the matter… yet, something makes me feel a bit uneasy that a problem that could effectively impact various populations was done with little consulting of other global constituents. i am not talking about a week-long ideation pow-wow, but a couple of ceremonious phone calls to a few nations doesn’t quite sit right with me either; especially when global suspicions around the approach have come into play.

at any rate, the target has been allegedly been hit, but will it miss the mark of preventing a public health crisis? time will certainly tell even if the us military and other experts can not.

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