The Gov Puts The Smackdown On Wikileaks, Dynadot Joins The Best Buy Club

February 20.2008 at 7:32 pm Leave a comment

wikileaks empty page


julius baer changed its mind (or perhaps came to its senses along with the judge).

**original post**

i hadn’t visited the site since it first launched (just out of curiosity; my life isn’t so juicy that i would have anything to post) and was surprised (somewhat) to see a news brief on a hospital tv monitor that wikileaks, the wiki site that let users post confidential documents had been shutdown (don’t bother clicking over to it’s gone, gone, gone). in its covering article, frank151 made a good point about the real concern around this development (if you have a site hosted on dynadot, you might consider yanking it real quick as they seem to be in the same “stand up for your patrons” boat as best buy). while i do believe we need to be careful and responsible with what we put out in the public, i can’t help but get a creepy feeling that this decision is less about protecting “the people” and more about serving those that don’t aways have our best interests in mind; even if it wasn’t meant to be that way. ah! that ol’ road paved with “good” intentions… you know where that one leads, right?

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