Just Wondering What An Itemized Receipt Would Look Like…

February 18.2008 at 5:49 pm 3 comments

best buy logo

i like best buy. it’s a fun place to get a quick gadget fix (besides sharper image). but i could not justify buying a computer from a store other than a direct manufacturer like the apple store or some online presence. heck, i’ll buy a bare bones kit from tiger direct before i even think about picking up the latest and greatest from best buy or any other electronics shop. after reading about best buy’s apparent lack of regard for its own consumers’ personal property, they can be sure many others will share my view. maybe a lost laptop is not worth $54 million, but peace of mind, a secure identity and an actual warranty that works is certainly worth more than four grand. for all of you friday fans, it’s the principle smokey.

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All I Can Say Is: “WOW!” The Gov Puts The Smackdown On Wikileaks, Dynadot Joins The Best Buy Club

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  • 1. preseptember  |  February 19.2008 at 9:03 pm

    my neck… my back… my neck and my back.

  • […] you have a site hosted on dynadot, you might consider yanking it real quick as they seem to be in the same “stand up for your patrons” boat as best buy). while i do believe we need to be careful and responsible with what we put out in the public, i […]

  • 3. thenonconformer  |  April 27.2008 at 12:04 pm

    Speaking of Name Brands Computer pruachsing and also – LaSalle ‘MicroBytes Pointe-Claire 940 boul. St-Jean #B15 Pointe-Claire,Québec PHONE 514-426-2586 .

    It has been my real experiences the last 2 decades in Canada that 30 percent of all persons at least are still real crooks who rather now do belong in jail, even in the computer business now too, not just elsewhere. Now ALL OF this kind of poor bad services from Microbytes too is what still does put the bad computer dealers out of business and RIGHTFULLY NOW gives them a really bad name too to all.

    A person who sells Microsoft products, operating systems, uses this as a systematic opportunity to screw customers and this does not concern Microsoft? Note that part of the OEM and Microsoft agreement is to allow Original Equipment Manufacturer’s to provide support for products they have installed on a particular computer. This agreement was made only because OEMs often modify and pre-install Microsoft software on their computer to ensure compatibility and to take full advantage of your computer’s hardware.

    Unfortunately as I have witnessed Microbytes employees firsthand also similarly abusing other customers in their store, Microbytes screws their customers by charging the customers extra money even under warranties when there is a problem with their computer or a hard drive, even under warranty or extended warranty. What they do basically is charge you, their customer , each time you go to them for a problem with your computer purchase, a 100 dollar service fee, for checking the mother board, for reinstalling the hard drive, etc., when it is under warranty but now also top of that they basically do not even fix the problems. This is the second worst computer store I have even seen , and I now myself had worked in 3 computer stores now too. I have serviced, repaired there or built hundreds of computers as well before I retired due to heart health problems over a decade ago.. But at leas I did a professional, honest job for a start.

    Next I bought a Compaq HP from Future Shop, and it broke shortly but HP fully hnoured the warrently and fixed it with new parts too.


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